FOLLOW ME – Amanda Lear

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«Follow Me» de Amanda Lear es una canción de pop electrónico de 1979 que habla sobre la libertad y la individualidad. La letra anima a la audiencia a seguir sus propios sueños, sin importar lo que otros piensen. La canción se hizo famosa por su uso en la película de culto «The Rocky Horror Picture Show» y ha sido una influencia para muchos artistas modernos.

I’m getting out
I’m moving on
And from now on
Address unknown
I should be difficult to find
So follow me
Just follow me

I’ll sell you dreams and new desires
I’m trading hopes
I’m opened
I am the night
I am your fate
So follow me
Just follow me

Faust was right
Have no regret
Gimme your soul
I’ll give you life
And all the things you want to get
So follow me
Just follow me
I’ll give you wings
I’ll sell you fame
Maybe to hell
I am the key to your problem
So follow me
Just follow me
Unbelievable maybe
You’ll have a new identity
For a second of vanity
I want to change your deatiny
Unbelievable maybe

Follow me
Follow me
I’ll give you anything you want
Your wish is my command
If you agree to follow me

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