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Finally, a new side of me
Turned a new leaf underneath my tree
I now see life’s a beautiful dream
Gives me strength, gives me ease all in a year
Of disease, I have thrived
Lucky me

Push me, pull me, write my story
Give me my rhythm, my rhyme
I break my cycles, endless spirals
I just wanna trust what is mine
If the Sun’s in the sky
If the day follows the night
If the clock’s still keeping the time
Whеn you’re on my mind

Thе silence that we share
My heart was ill-prepared
I oversimplified when it was do or die

Kiss me, hold me, that feeling is holy
Nobody’s loved me like you
Ah, life moves too fast to get stuck in the past
But I do, I do

Think I take more than I give
Kinda shit but it’s how I live
Be stuck ‘till my conscience has outgrown me
I’m dumb enough to do the math
As life comes, life will past

So I try not to get attached
Don’t know what story I’m supposed to buy
If we see God’s face when we look in our eyes
If your life will start in the moment you die
Or if it’s all worth the tears we cry

Still live life like I’m on a mission
Every damn day is all about ambition
Scared I’ll turn out to be just a normal guy
Wonder why I’m only grateful when I’m high
You make a choice and don’t look back

What’s strong enough will stay intact
There’s more to life than what is fact
The things we love can never last
It hurts too much, that’s why I laugh
Like sand slips through an hourglass

I’ll hold onto the life I craft
So one day I can give it back

Vídeo musical de NEW SIDE OF ME – Blake Roman – LETRAS.COM

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